Mixed Media Art - DIY Kit
Mixed Media Art - DIY Kit
Mixed Media Art - DIY Kit
Mixed Media Art - DIY Kit
Mixed Media Art - DIY Kit
Mixed Media Art - DIY Kit
Mixed Media Art - DIY Kit

Mixed Media Art - DIY Kit

Mixed Media Art - DIY Kit

Explore the immersive fusion of colors, textures, & materials to make an abstract art piece with this DIY kit.
✅All-inclusive kit for boundless creativity
🌈Suitable for all above 10 years
✨Comes with a jute canvas & MDF cutouts
⭐️Paint your creation in rustic colors
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Why you'll love this DIY Kit
  • What you will do with the kit: Get a glimpse into the versatile world of Mixed Media art and make a unique artwork.
  • Beginner-friendly: Don't worry if you're new to mixed media art, because the kit comes with instructions!
  • Fun activity: Involve your friends and family while making the decor piece and turn it into a fun, bonding session!
  • Develop a hobby: Using mixed media techniques, you can revamp old boxes, trays, photo frames and more.
  • Ideal for gifting: Gift this kit to an art lover and make their day!
      Your DIY Kit Contains:
      • 1 x Instruction Sheet
      • 1 x Jute Canvas
      • 1 x Ice-cream Stick
      • 1 x Old Brush
      • 1 x Chalk Paint
      • 1 x Teal blue Chalk Paint
      • 2 x Acrylic Paints (Bronze and Gold)
      • 2 x Stencils
      • Wooden cutouts
      • Mix Media Paste

      You will also need:

      • Palette knife
      • Newspapers
      • Tissues
      • Flat brush (no.6 or no.7)

      About Mixed Media Art:

      Mixed media is a form of mixing different creative mediums to create art that is a combination of two or more art forms. For example, you can add sculpture to your painting or draw on top of photography prints. The art essentially has no rules. Artists are encouraged to break boundaries and think of every object around them as a canvas. You can use varieties of media and materials like cloth, metal, plastic, wood etc.


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