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Experience Zwende your own way Experience Zwende your own way

Experience Zwende your own way.

Find that scarf that’s been only wrapped around your mind till now. Discover that lamp you’ve always been wanting to light up your home. Tweak a little to make it perfect for you. Or tweak a lot to explore the endless possibilities. Learn the craft of magic in our workshops, at your place and at your pace. Or better still, grab the popcorn and lay back to watch our live shows.

Whatever magic you seek, we’re here to serve it up, in a style as individual as yourself.

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A Message from Us

In the last few weeks, the second wave of the Covid19 pandemic has pulled the rug of regular life from under our feet. And as a company, and as individuals like you, we have to relook at things.

We are reprioritising our operations for the safety of our team, our partners, and our artists. This might mean a delay in the services that have delighted you all along, but we hope that you are with us in this reality, as we are with the ones we strive to care for and protect.

Let’s stay safe and see this through.


/‘ zo, wɛn deɪ/

Inspired from the Spanish word Duende which means the sense of magic one feels while experiencing something artistic or beautiful.