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Celebrating My Friend's Many Interests

I wanted to find a gift that would celebrate my friend's three distinct interests and personality traits. I discovered the perfect sustainable and ecofriendly solution: a set of three planters, each reflecting one aspect of his identity. When he received the gift, he instantly fell in love with it

Perfect Product for my Favorite Product Manager

My sister is a workaholic Product Manager. I wanted to surprise her on her birthday with a personalized gift that suited her the best. The fact that it was natural and sustainable was the cherry on top.

A Special Gift For Our Parents

As our parents' anniversary approached, we brainstormed the perfect gift to express our love and gratitude. Inspired by our parents' love for tea and Indian culture, we decided on a personalized tea set complete with traditional kulhads and they cherish it every morning.

A Surprise To Remember

I wanted to surprise my husband with a gift that would celebrate our love and shared moments. I came across this unique handpainted terracotta tea set and got it personalised with our names and photo. Now every morning we cherish our love and the teaset both!
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Showering Appreciation For Students

As a passionate educator, I wanted to celebrate the hard work and dedication of my 20 students who excelled in their lab work. To make it truly special, I decided to order 20 mugs with each student's name handpainted on them and needles to say, they loved it.

A Unique 1st Birthday Return Gift

I wanted return gifts for my twins' 1st birthday party. I was looking for something quirky and unique. These ecofriendly terracotta mugs seemed like the perfect match. Personalized with quirky text, the kids couldn't get enough of these beautiful gifts, making it a hit at the party!

The Perfect Goodbye Gift

As a psychiatrist leading a team of 18 junior residents, I wanted to find a unique and memorable gift before leaving my job after getting married. My search on Google led me to discover the perfect products, and instantly, I knew they would be an excellent fit. These gifts would not only show my appreciation but also leave a lasting impression on my talented juniors.

Gratitude in a Personalized Way

For our milestone party, we wanted to make each guest feel special and cherished. We came up with a unique idea for the return gifts and decided to personalize terracotta mugs with hand-painted names and customized photos of each attendee. The meticulous effort put into each mug showed the deep gratitude and affection we held for our friends and loved ones.

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Packed in a sturdy corrugated box and reusable cotton bag.