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Solar Printing DIY Kit

Perfect mix of art and science all rolled into one activity with this all inclusive solar printing kit.
✅Includes supplies to make 10 solar printing sheets
🔄Reusable tools for more creations
🎁Perfect for personal use or a gift to loved ones
🌈Fun & therapeutic for all above 7 years
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  • Why You'll Love this DIY Kit?
  • Suitability: This DIY Solar Printing Kit is perfect for both beginners and advanced crafters. It offers a unique blend of art and science, making it an exciting activity for kids and adults alike..
  • Crafting Output: With this kit, you can create beautiful blue-colored paintings using the power of the sun. The end result is a stunning piece of art that you can flaunt or use to decorate your space.
  • About the Artform: Solar Printing, also known as Blue Printing or Cyanotype Printing, is one of the oldest forms of non-silver photographic printing processes & it uses the chemical reaction of certain chemicals to the UV rays of the sun to produce the artwork.
  • Reusability: The kit includes supplies to make 10 solar printing sheets & also the tools provided in the kit are reusable, allowing you to continue creating more prints if you have additional supplies.
  • Time Efficiency: The process of making the paper requires an overnight drying process. The activity itself takes 10-20 minutes, and the papers take 30 minutes to 1 hour to dry, depending on the climate.

Dimensions: 31 cm x 20 cm x 5 cm
Weight: 670 g

1 x Bottle of Ferric ammonium citrate
1 x Bottle of potassium ferricyanide
1 x 100 ml Hydrogen peroxide
10 x Handmade papers (A5)
1 x Plexiglass (A5)
1 x Foam stickers
1 x Pair of gloves
1 x Flat brush
1 x Pack of pressed flowers
1 x 50ml Beaker
10 x Mini wooden clips
1 x Messy mat

Suitable for children ages 7 & above with adult supervision.

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Solar Printing DIY Kit