At Zwende, we believe that there is a showstopper within each one of us. You can make heads turn - at work, in a mall, at a party or just on the street, around the corner! Each one of us is a style icon in our own right. That's why we give you the creative freedom to customize products and truly make them your own. And that's why, we feature "Showstoppers of Zwende" - so that we can flaunt your creations, showcase your style and inspire others. 





Traveler, Saree addict


- Dream holiday destination: Antarctica and South Georgia

- Fashion Inspiration: Katherine Hepburn, Cate Blanchett, Helen Mirren

-  # of continents traveled: 5

-  I destress by: planning my next trip or looking at textiles/sarees

- Other things I customize: Furniture!


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Hyderabad, India

Foodie, Instagrammer, MBA student


- Favorite Cuisine: Biryani

- Other things I customize: T-shirts

- On my playlist nowadays: Dariya From Manmarziya

- Current Affairs I think abt all the time: Will petrol prices ever  reduce

- My dream wish from Alexa: Complete all my pending assignments for me


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Ahmedabad, India

Management Student, Blogger, Style Enthusiast


- Favourite Cuisine: Punjabi

- Dream holiday destination: Bintan, Ibiza

- Fashion Inspiration: Myself hahahh nothing in particular

- I destress by: Dancing

- Other things I customize: Clothes, Jewellary


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Mumbai, India

Banker, Wanderlust, Fashion Enthusiast


- Dream holiday destination: Turkey

- On my playlist nowadays: Arijit singh, Badshah

- Fashion Inspiration: Gigi Hadid

- If  i was a TV series character i would be: Rachel

- I destress by: Eating desserts and watching Friends 


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Bangalore, India

Craft junkie, Theatre Lover, Entrepreneur


- Favorite Cuisine: Indian street food especially Pani puri :)

- Dream holiday destination: Bali is on the top of my bucket list at the moment!

- # of continents traveled: 4

- If  I was a TV series character i would be: Phoebe from Friends or Christina from Greys Anatomy

- I destress by: getting a massage if possible, else binge watching my favourite TV shows!   


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Delhi, India

Animal Lover, Food Magnet, Fashion Enthusiast


"Can't take my eyes off this customised beauty by Zwende. Made using faux leather, I loved how I got to modify everything from its color to the pattern! "


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Bangalore, India

Vegan, Dog Lover, Operations Guru


- Favourite Cuisine: Chinese, Thai
- Dream holiday destination: Bora Bora 
- On my playlist nowadays: Kiki (by drake) 😁
- If I was a TV series character I would be: Khaleesi 😁
- I destress by: playing with my next door dog, taking long walks and listening to music


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We'll feature 7 showstoppers every month! Have you styled something that you customized on Zwende in a unique way, something that reflects your personality, your style?

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