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Two Horns

Sujitha & Jayavardhan
Chennai, India

Designer Partner : Two Horns

We liked the interest and enthusiasm of Sujay & Innu, while speaking with them and their eagerness to know more about our working style made us feel that we are with the like-minded couple. The 3D concept of rendering and customisation of products was unique and as makers made us feel of having more time concentrating on ur design concept..

Sujitha and Jayavardhan as a couple from diverse backgrounds decided to develop a common interest to spend more quality time together.This lead them to venture into leather based products since both of them love leather for its natural look & feel. Upon months of research about leather, designs and techniques they finally decided to use only Vegetable tanned full grain leather since its processed organically and doesn’t leave any chemical residue behind. They mastered their working skills and sourced the best available tools internationally. They got requests from friends and family to make leather goods for them, soon a home based serious hobby turned to a full fledged business.After a year of careful study, observation and analysis they left their full time jobs to get involved in our work to push it to the next level and thus emerged "Two Horns” .