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What is Now Go Build What is Now Go Build

Now Go Build, hosted by Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels, takes you on a global tour where you discover and witness startups of the world trying to solve some of the most difficult challenges on the face of the planet.

Now Go Build narrates stories of global entrepreneurs who use cloud-based technologies to uplift people and places. Dr. Vogels takes a dive into the creative waters of Zwende where art enters homes to spread magic.

Why was Zwende Picked Why was Zwende Picked

Technology that preserves heritage artforms and creates entrepreneurs

With cloud technology, Zwende powers customization and personalization of maker-crafted products at scale, while preserving India’s rich culture and heritage, thus enabling artisans and makers and creating women entrepreneurs

art, technology and business art, technology and business

Zwende gives customers products and experiences they love, while turning a maker’s creativity into a thriving business. Our mission is to empower artisans in the remotest of villages to give customers what they truly/ exactly want anywhere in the world.