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Registration Procedure and Information About Online Experiences

1. How do I sign up for an online experience?

Follow the steps below to sign up for an online experience:

a. Click here to know all about our upcoming workshops

b. Choose your desired workshop and click on it to know the details about registration.

2. What is a quick session?

a. This is a free online session conducted on Zoom

b. The duration is usually 45 minutes to 1 hour

c. In these workshops, participants can communicate with the artist through the chat box

3. What is a masterclass?

a. A masterclass is a full-fledged paid workshop conducted on Zoom

b. It lasts for around 2 to 3 hours (varies from session to session)

c. Such workshops provide direct interaction with the artist

d. Participants are also given access to the recording of the session

4. Are all sessions live?

Yes, all our masterclasses and quick sessions are hosted live.

5. Do we get recordings of the workshops?

a. Participants are granted access to recordings of masterclasses when they sign up

b. Recordings of free sessions can be availed for a minimal fee. Click here to connect with us and we can help you

6. On what platform do you conduct your online experiences?

We use 'Zoom' app to conduct our live sessions conveniently. If a particular session is conducted on a different platform, participants are informed about it and are provided with the access credentials.

7. Where can I get the details of the upcoming workshops?

Please click here to know all about our upcoming workshops. You can just click on the session of your choice to know all about the artist conducting the session, the materials required and schedule of the workshop. In case you need a special query addressed, click here to connect with the team of Zwende.


1. How will I receive the access to an online session?

Participants receive an email with the meeting credentials and joining details before the workshop begins.

2. I have signed up for a workshop but haven't received the access details, what do I do?

Please click here to connect with us and we'll help you right away. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

3. What materials will I need for the workshops?

All necessary details about a workshop are mentioned on the particular workshop page from where you can register for the same. Click here to know all details about our upcoming online sessions.

4. Does Zwende provide materials for the workshops?

For some select online sessions, Do-it-yourself (DIY) kits are available on Zwende. Please refer to the particular workshop's page to know if DIY kits, for the same, are available or not. Click here to know all about our upcoming online sessions.

5. Do you conduct in person/physical workshops?

We do host in person/physical sessions at our workspace, The Zwende Space, in Indiranagar, Bangalore. However, these sessions have been temporarily discontinued due to the pandemic.