Wooden Peggy Studio X Zwende Wooden Peggy Studio X Zwende
Wooden Peggy Studio is an Instagram-based startup founded by Soundariya Natrajan that creates a miniature version of your persona in the form of a wooden doll that perfectly matches the outlook you provide in the photo.
Personalised Dolls

Soundariya Natrajan has always been passionate towards art and craft. Nothing gives her more joy than painting. One of her main goals is to provide the younger generation with some ancient traditional touch that is completely free of modern gadgets. A token to reclaim our heritage, particularly Tamil culture. She came up with the idea of wooden peggy, which is more akin to the traditional wooden doll "Marapachi" from Tamil Nadu. She promises to deliver you the perfect piece of happiness, always handmade with a lot of love just for you.

"It's great when someone appreciates you and that's Zwende of course. With Zwende I'm sure that I'm going to reach great heights and do something for myself. Thank you Zwende for your fabulous support."