Virasat X Zwende Virasat X Zwende
In order to preserve the Craft sector, Enactus gave birth to Project Virasat which is an umbrella organisation to revive the struggling craft forms of India in a sustainable manner.
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The Craft Sector has always been the pioneer in displaying India’s deep tradition, the vast geography and rich history in a true sense. With beautiful designs, India’s Artisans carried a legacy of their land, culture and carved their art into forms that can be forwarded to generations. However, with industrialization, modernization, and mechanization, many craft forms have become extinct or are on the verge of dying.

Project Virasat aims to uplift these craft forms in all possible aspects to maintain the dignity of the artisans, creating opportunities not only for them but also for their future generations that can safely carry on the craft form. They are currently working with two crafts namely Usta Art from Rajasthan and Gaurahari Stonework from Uttar Pradesh that are languishing because of insufficient demand avenues, lack of organisational structure and various supply problems.

"Zwende as a platform is unique in itself, providing a diverse space to the makers to showcase their skills and reach a wide customer base. Collaborating with Zwende will amplify Virasat’s vision even further to revive the dying craftforms of India. This opportunity will surely help our artisans to preserve their long-forgotten craft."