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Savita Iyer, is a quintessential Mumbaikar who is the brain behind Urbankala. She is the artist who works on all the painted merchandise at Urbankala. Being a self taught artist she loves to create artworks as gifts to friends and family.

Urbankala started of as an idea to make gifting more personalized and unique. At Urbankala, Savita makes sure that each and every piece of art is hand crafted thus becoming a designer piece. The foremost feature of Urbankala is to produce personalized merchandise for gifting, be it home decor, jewellery or accessories.

With a 10 year long career as a texturing and lighting artist for live action and animation films, Savita found it very Monotonous after a point and wanted to just do what she loved the most, to paint!

With uniquely hand crafted deigns in Home Decor and Jewellery, you are spoiled for choice. Be it the beautiful hand painted murals, or the funky bottle lamps that are a style statement, or equally stylish and elegant clocks, our range in home decor is vast and unique. Every woman loves a unique piece of jewellery and at Urbankala, they understand what a woman wants. Beautiful hand painted jewellery ranging from Earrings, Neckpieces, Rings and bracelets, to stylish and funky hand wired Earcuffs, nose pins, earrings and neckpieces, we ensure that each piece is flawless in the way it is crafted

"Zwende is an amazing platform for hand-made products. What I love about Zwende is that they just don't promote the art form, but also promote the artists. I personally love the entire range of product line Zwende has. I feel it's the best thing that has happened to Urbankala. And we are super excited about this journey with Zwende.