Our heritage is handmade Our heritage is handmade


What you just witnessed is a legacy, a heritage, a part of India's soul that lies in Andhra Pradesh.

The art of the people The art of the people

Remember the vibrant melas we visited as children? Remember the ballad singers, the fortune tellers, the hawkers?

The art of leather puppetry is practiced by such groups of peddlers and entertainers who travel from village to village narrating the local folklore, news and other stories through this eye-catching artform, keeping alive the nostalgia.

The art of lights and shadows The art of lights and shadows

Intricately carved out shapes of characters are brought to life with vibrant hand painting over leather. The leather is dotted with holes which allow light to pass through and sparkle like jewels.

The art that adapts The art that adapts

This rooted and ancient art form has re-entered homes through lamps and bags.

The same elaborate process is translated into these products to modernise the renditions while keeping the true essence of the artform alive.