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Uttara did her bachelor's in designing and that is how she learnt to enhance and leverage her skills. She loves painting and that's the one thing that has stayed constant through the thicks and thins of her life.
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Uttara has been painting since she was little a little girl and she spent most of her afternoons with paints and paintbrushes. She loved the school art room and the art teacher was always her favorite teacher. When she grew up the decision to pursue a career in art was a natural choice.

The brand Tangy Tinge was born out of the same love. She started with handmade gifts for friends which turned into a small budding business. She hand painted all her products herself and each product usually takes about a day to finish. She did not want art to be stuck on a canvas on a wall so she started looking at ways to make it more useful. That is when she discovered wood, it added so much warmth to her work and turned her art into something functional.

Now, it's been a year of making customized wall arts, diaries, bookmarks, wall murals and a lot more. She also shares her love for watercolors and calligraphy by teaching this form of arts to children and Adults.

"Zwende is an amazing concept. It gives the artist and the consumer a lot of freedom. It's one of the very few companies which understands the artist and bridges the gap between them and the consumer.Their team is really helpful and super supportive to artists."