Tamarind Tree Tamarind Tree

A self-learned Madhubani artist, Shamli has her own take on Madhubani while maintaining the original essence of the art form. A Chartered Accountant and a former corporate professional, Shamli chose to pursue her long cherished dream of a career in art. “The saying ‘Do a job that you like and you would have not worked a single day in your life’ has been her motto since then.

What were you doing prior to Zwende?

Prior to partnering with Zwende, I used to practise art more as a hobby. I would conduct art workshops for children and adults occasionally and sell handcrafted Madhubani products at flea markets twice a year.

Handpainted madhubani nameboards
Quirky madhubani

How has Zwende made a difference to your business and life?

With Zwende, I can truly call myself a creative entrepreneur. I have a sustained monthly growing business and it feels really nice to see my art in the hands of so many people worldwide..

Tamarind Tree Tamarind Tree
Madhubani Workshop
Madhubani Art

Has Zwende helped you push the limits of your art? How?

Zwende’s unique digitization and customization technology has allowed me to expand my product range beyond wall art and notebooks to decor ware such as nameboards and homeware such as coasters and storage boxes. I get a lot of customer feedback which further helps me make more of what customers want

Topical - launching topical/ seasonal and festive collections has been very easy.

Madhubani Workshop
Madhubani Art

How has Zwende made conducting business easy for you?

As an independent artist, it was very difficult for me to consider pursuing my passion as a business given the administrative aspects of onboarding, logistics and customer service. With Zwende’s managed services, I don’t have to think about all of this and still have a business.

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