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Rashmi Singh, Founder of Studio Moya., A Post Graduate in Design from the prestigious National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, Rashmi has over 10 years of industry experience, in multiple creative streams with popular fashion brands and her own private label.
Wall Hoops

Moya celebrate the handcrafted traditions of India in a sustainable ecosystem.The aesthetics of the label are rooted in building a future from our past and embracing innovation with art., says Rashmi. She primarily works with two of the oldest art forms, Tholu Bommalata (Leather Puppetry) from Andhra Pradesh and Madhubani Painting from Bihar. “To sustain something that has lost its relevance they add perspective, redefine and recreate into a product that gives a sense of history and a piece of future, making it truly timeless.”

Rashmi works with artisans in interior villages of Andhra Pradesh to develop a range of contemporary products using Tholu bommalata. She has developed unique shapes of lamps and also taken the art form to everyday products such as bags and wallets, mobile and tablet cases and stationery products. These bespoke products are the perfect blend of heritage and contemporary. The creativity and exclusivity does not end here - Rashmi has trained the Tholu Bommalata artisans on Madhubani paintings, and thus been able to do what no one else has: bring Madhubani designs on all Tholu Bommalata crafts and products. This is a stunning fusion of two ancient art forms, coming together with contemporary colours, designs and products. A truly unique proposition! Moya, is a lifestyle brand echoing an international style with craftsmanship ‘Made in India’.

"Zwende’s platform is a dream come true for a designer and the consumer alike. As a start-up resources are always limited and if digitisation can help sustain with the minimum required resources to achieve the desired output, what more can a designer ask for! Team Zwende is wonderful to work with and it has been a great experience professionally and personally to see Studio Moya and Zwende evolve together."