Rangreli X Zwende Rangreli X Zwende
Born from passion and emotions for art, Rangreli is home to handcrafted, hand-painted, one of a kind unique products & experiences. With the idea of making art exclusive yet common and affordable, Kumarika along with her husband Prashant are trying to create a brand with distinctive and beautiful range of lifestyle products, DIY Kits and workshops.
Craft Supplies

Rangreli which means “a string of colours” was founded on the belief that extraordinary design is more than just an item. It is an imitation of nature and a feeling that is evoked when you discover your next great find. The products are a celebration of that idea created by bringing unexpected contrasts together. Water colour and marbling are some of the techniques used to create artworks for the products. As an artist, Kumarika always felt the uncanny need to combine art with various products. She thought of bringing art to a place inside the home where it is not only hung on walls but can be seen in utility products. Thus came the idea of “Utility Art”. All the products are hence functional and pieces of art. The products are made by creating artworks on fabric and paper and crafted to various shapes and sizes.

Kumarika, having done her masters in fine arts, loves experimenting with colors and techniques. Prashant is a self taught artist and a photographer who loves doing marbling!

"The idea of giving the freedom to the artist yet allowing the customer to personalize is amazing. Working with Zwende has given us the opportunity to create products specific to the customer need and no restrictions on creativity. We are excited to be a part of this journey!"