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Potli, steered by Pooja Ratnakar along with a dedicated team, collaborates with artisans and craft communities across the country to create Educational D-I-Y kits for children.
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Pooja travels extensively across the country's craft communities and is focused on reconnecting children with Indian traditional arts and crafts through simple and fun approaches and at the same time, sustaining these old art forms. Potli’s range of games and kits helps in introducing not just traditional and folk art to the young generation, but also bring up some very interesting but forgotten tales and the traditional wisdom from the past.

“The idea is to create imprints in their mind using these crafts. Recollections of this exposure may then spring up at any time in their lives in future,” says Pooja

“We offer craft experiences to children through handcrafted products. Potli is certified by Fair Trade Forum- India.

"There’s something very rooted about Zwende’s concept – they believe in the essence of handcrafted and are true to its core. They make the customer a part of the process of Hand Crafting which helps build a relationship between the maker and the buyer. This is very rare in today’s world of big corporates and contactless online markets. Also, they end up supporting the small social entrepreneurs and artisans."