Nartika X Zwende Nartika X Zwende
A self-taught Artist, Shrutika always wanted to add her artworks in different products which can be used in day to day life rather than just Wall Arts. She decided to combine her professional experience & her Passion and this is how Nartika was born.
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A friend once told Shrutika “You can’t have the same Chatni sandwich every day, you need varieties of Sandwiches all the time”. This thought kept running in her mind until one day - when she finally discovered herself and her true passion.

She creates handcrafted, hand-painted home décor products using Mandala/ Dotart as an artform, which not only adds colors & beauty to space but also brings calmness and relaxation while you see them. Since childhood, Shrutika Dhomse loved to participate in all events where you need to create DIY stuff to decorate the spaces and make quirky things. She always loved to organize and décor home and spaces. She has done her Masters in Fashion Management from NIFT and was a Fashion Merchandiser by Profession. Being part of the stressful corporate world, she spent her free time in Pottery and gradually in Mandala Arts for busting stress which eventually became her full-time work.

"Who said your dreams can’t come true? I truly believe in “Dream, Believe, and Achieve”. Since the time I knew Zwende, I always wanted to be part of them. And I'm truly grateful to be part of this platform. Their Energy & Passion encouraged me to create more. The freedom to express your art & to customize them and bring in this digital world has made the journey easy. I am excited to be part of this, Thank you for giving me this opportunity"