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Hi ! Meet Madeeha, a passionate artist and a practicing Early Childhood Educator.
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Madeeha has always been fascinated by visual arts and has spent most of her time painting . As a child, she would use art in making cards for her loved ones. But the idea to sell art came to her life during her undergrad years. She started selling handmade customized diaries, bookmarks and cards at her college flea markets.

A couple of years later she discovered the beautiful Watercolor medium and the art of calligraphy. She instantly fell in love with both. Since then she has been using watercolor and calligraphy as a medium to express herself and create art. She uses Instagram account (meet_madeeha) to share her work with the world.

Now It's been a year of making customized wall arts, diaries, bookmarks, wall murals and a lot more. She also shares her love for watercolors and calligraphy by teaching this form of arts to children and Adults.

"I absolutely love Zwende! It's a platform that promotes and encourages Artist to showcase their creative customizable art. An exciting and a dynamic concept for artist, art enthusiasts and anyone looking for personalized products/gifts."