Customize Handcrafted Products in just a few clicks.

Here's how!


A. Choose the product you want to customize.


B. On our intuitive customizer, make something that fits you, your style and your taste.


1. pick a zone

Start playing by picking a customizable zone from the drop down or by clicking on a part of the product.

2. filter your choices

Select an art form and/or a design element & Zwende provides you with a series of designs to choose from.

3. let's magic

Play around, mix and match, subtract and add, till you are satisfied.

4. visualise

Check it out! You created something unique. Rotate your creation and view it in 360 degrees.

5. shop, save, share

Save and revisit your masterpiece whenever you feel inspired. Don’t hold back, Show off. Tweet it, Pin it, Gram it Share it.

C. Breathing life into your creation.



Once you click buy, our partner designers and their artisans start working on it. Your product is then crafted by hand, bringing your work of art to life. Our designer partners and their artisans are trained in the art forms of Tholu Bommalata, Madhubani, Kalamkari, Ajrak and Kashmiri Embroidery, amongst others. Our endeavor provides them with an opportunity to keep the traditions alive while earning a sustainable livelihood.

D. Go ahead, show it off.

Polished and perfected, the next step for your creation is to make its way to you. It is wrapped in shock proof material, packaged and addressed to you. A deliveryman knocks on your door, and there it is, the fruit of your imagination. It’s yours! An efficient supply-chain process with our designer partners in the back-end means you don’t have to wait for longer than 3-21 days to receive your creation. Take it out, try it on, make it your daily instagram pic.


Have more questions? Write to us at: support@zwende.com