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Shree Balaji

"Fusion Koncepts is so named because we try to create products by a fusion of different styles and materials. To showcase all the possible combinations of materials, colour and texture to the buyer is a huge challenge, however Zwende has overcome this by its technology packed intutive platform on which a buyer can customize and imagine the final product. We at Fusion Koncepts are very excited to be associated with team Zwende."

Fusion Koncepts is a brand which is into Home Decor accessories. Our products are designed and hand crafted in a small workshop in Bangalore. Our design philosophy is mostly minimalistic. We try to combine the rusticness of concrete with other materials like wood, glass, copper to name a few and hence the name 'Fusion Koncepts'. Each one of our product is hand made and not mass produced and takes days to make due to the inherent properties of cement concrete.

Shree Balaji Sampath is an engineer by qualification but a designer at heart. Involved in space planing, Interior design and product design. He has been a visiting faculty at an engineering college for over 3 years.

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