Colored Rims X Zwende Colored Rims X Zwende
Colored Rims believe that Painting is not an escape from the world, it is what makes the world look beautiful. They aspire to elevate the look and feel of living spaces; making an expression of self.

The style of Colored Rims is non-provincial, a catalyst to boom the Indian crafts and folk art forms. An exuberant assortment of products that celebrate the luxury of art as well as the science of design, demeanors utility, and elegance to exhibit. The team of artists and artisans at Colored Rims route their proclivity to make each home beautiful and add a unique edge of luxury living.

Creativity in design and painting techniques are valued and are the forefront characteristics that shape every product. Keeping a balance between art and modern trends.

Handmade flaws are cherished because they make every product special. It’s not a flaw but a perfect imperfection that enhances its sense of uniqueness.

"Colored Rims x Zwende is a collaboration between art and technology which is accessible to customers with utmost care and comfort. At Colored Rims, we believe that art has no limitation, it can go above and beyond the boundaries of our imagination. With Zwende, we have got an opportunity to not restrict ourselves from offering multiple levels of customisations and also work with customers incorporating their imagination to a final product. We are glad to be a part of this creative journey with Zwende and look forward to share art with great zeal."