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Pooja Gokul, the founder of Amoha prints is an art educator and entrepreneur.
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Pooja has conducted over 100 workshops in the past 5 years. She pursued her degree in Fine arts and specialized in block printing. She travelled around India to work with various artisans that further improved her knowledge and skill. Her passion to keep this art form alive has prompted her to start Amoha Prints.

Hand block printing is an art that first traditionally begins with the carving of blocks. It takes a skilled artisan to painstakingly carve of the most intricate design because this is a skill that is passed on from generation to generation.
After the block is hand carved, the fabric is dyed, the color is prepared and padded before the printing can begin. Each process- the carving of the block, preparing the fabric and the color, the art of mixing colors and the final act of hand block printing itself puts each person performing each process into a state of ‘flow’ also referred to as ‘chi’, in this state the individual has reached a level of focus and bliss compared to no other, it is at this state that one’s physical mind is united with his higher all-knowing mind! How beautiful right? It is perhaps the main and only long-term antidote to stress. An in-house therapy of sorts!

It’s no wonder when they embark on the smallest printing journey at Amoha Prints, they observe the energy in the room where they do their workshops or at the block printing unit, it is a vibe of calm creation and intense focus. If the art of hand block printing is one you’ve been drawn to and want to know more, the starter-kits for adults and kids are the perfect nudge you need to spill over to the creative side. With all processes happening in-house (hand block making to hand block printing), they assure you a tiny state of ‘flow’ with every kit you order.

"I am thrilled to showcase Amoha prints on Zwende as it is a one of the best platforms for creative and avant garde ideas. The enthusiastic team at Zwende complements this endeavour excellently."