The pursuit of perfection begins with magic.

It all started with a table.

One fine day, a newly married couple decided to buy a dining table for their new home. They looked in all the usual places (flea markets and all sorts of home decor stores) and some unusual places too. But nothing was quite what they had envisioned.

The more they looked, the more they were possessed by the mental image of a vintage-chic, green, distressed finish table. They considered their options: building the table from scratch was an expensive and exhausting affair. Yet settling for something lesser would be a compromise.

After some deeper prodding, they realized what they needed was a touch of their own magic. So they bought a table that fit their size and structure requirements and set about customizing it. After creating the perfect shade of green, they added the distressed ‘vintage’ look by sandpapering and manually adding highlights. They stepped back to behold precisely what they had imagined, right down to the smallest details.

The seed of Zwende was planted.

Unleash your creativity.

With its roots in the Spanish word duende (which means ‘having a soul’) ‘Zwende’ captured the essence of the brand. It portrays a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity, which the English language just couldn’t capture.

Zwende is a unique platform that provides the user with tools to forge creations. Pick from a range of lifestyle products and add your own magical touch, to make them yours. An easy-to-use 3D visualizer and coded designing helps you create something that’s truly beautiful and truly yours. It will then be handcrafted by our partner designers' artisans and delivered to you. At Zwende, you are the designer of your statement piece and we are the canvas.

Innu and Sujay discovered their inner artists, while they were elbow deep in green paint. They glimpsed the creativity in their souls. The need for something that was truly and authentically theirs gripped them. Almost a magical feeling they were sure everybody felt, but nobody could truly explain.


It's time to Zwende

Innu and Sujay’s own experience with the table proved that it was possible to bridge the gap between what was available and what you wanted.

If you have ever looked at something and imagined customizing it- adding a little color, taking away a few patterns, a designer dwells in you. If fulfilment has ever flooded you after enjoying something made only for you, Zwende is for you. After all, there’s no one else out there quite like you. Creations which have a little bit of your soul in them, show it. They celebrate being you and bring out your individuality.

So pick up your brush, let the magic begin.

Your masterpiece is waiting.


He loves his lattes and she her green teas.
He stays up late into the night, she wakes early.
He lets his imagination lose, she crunches the numbers.
Standing at the opposite ends of the ship, our co-captains always keep the ship afloat
through every storm.

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