Divya Jain
Bangalore, India

Designer Partner : Kari

Zwende is a cool platform for everyone to customize and create their own Kari products. I can now cater to all customization needs .. !
I can now focus on designing and unleashing my creativity as Team Zwende takes care of the rest

All of just 22 yrs old, Divya truly personifies “follow your dreams and no one can stop you.”

What started as a college project is now a niche designer brand contributing to society within just 8 months of conceptualization.

A keen desire to learn something new saw Divya joining the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in 2012, where she studied Visual Communication and Graphic Designing. Her biggest takeaway from the course was - “Design is not only meant for creativity - it is THE tool to solve a problem”.

As part of her final year project, she traveled across southern India trying to understand and absorb various art forms - the more she travelled, the more she was inspired to make a difference, as a designer, to the lives of others; especially marginalized communities. She was particularly intrigued by Kalamkari (from Andhra Pradesh) - one of the earliest and most complex techniques of block printing on cloth using vegetable dyes. She conceptualised a collection of bags with Kalamkari, in an effort to bring authentic Andhra Art into urban lives, by combining skills of the traditional artisans with a futuristic aesthetic. The seed of “Kari” was thus planted.

After graduating from Srishti, Divya decided to pursue this project further, launching Kari as a niche lifestyle brand. With a keen dedication to design, quality and materials. Divya works with artisans to improvise the quality and form factor of their craft to match up to market aspirations. The collection is clearly contemporary and innovative albeit with a traditional Indian touch. An eco-friendly brand, Kari works only with non animal based faux leather and authentic Kalamkari with vegetable dyes. Kari will expand to cover many different art forms beyond Kalamkari - Ajrakh from Gujarat being the next in line. Upliftment of the local artisans and the value of these craft forms is the biggest driver for Divya and keeps her going.