About the Company / Brand:


Zwende is an on-demand guided customization platform for home decor products and fashion accessories. The platform offers a curated repository of designs which the users can select from and apply to a variety of products – the end product can be visualized in real time 3D. All products are handcrafted with the intent of promoting and ensuring sustainability of local art and craft forms from across the world.

You can know more about how Zwende works here.

The name Zwende is inspired from the Spanish word ‘duende’ which means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity. This word has no parallel in any other language because of its complex meaning and it perfectly captures what we do and what we stand for. When you customize a product on our platform, you essentially add a little more of you and therefore a soul to the product, unleashing your creativity and expressing yourself in the process. Add a zing to the word duende and you have “Zwende”.


We currently have 3 product categories - lampshades, bags and iPad Sleeves. We will be adding loads of other categories soon.... keep coming back...

We currently offer 4 lampshade styles - Cylinder Lamp, Cuboid Lamp, Triangle Prism Lamp and Drum Lamp. The Drum Lamp is available in 2 sizes - Mini Drum Lamp with an 8 inch diameter and Regular Drum Lamp with a 10 inch diameter. View the outline designs here and a few sample ready products here .

We currently have 2 bag styles - Round Bag and Sling Clutch. Both of these are sling/shoulder bags. View the outline designs here and a few sample ready products here .

We plan to span the entire breadth of home decor products and fashion accessories. We have several products in the pipeline including wallets, mugs, coasters, travel pouches, frames and luggage tags to name a few. Like we said, keep coming back for more...

We also offer ready-made products that have been created by our design team which you can browse through in the Discover section and purchase by clicking on “Add to Cart” from the Quick View box, or the Product Details Page. See our collection here .

All our products are designed and handcrafted by exceptionally skilled designers and artisans.

We currently offer products across 2 art forms - Tholu Bommalata (Leather Puppetry) and Madhubani. You can read more about these here .

We currently have over 1000 designs across products and counting...

Care instructions vary by product. You can access this in the “Style & Care” tab in the Product Details Page. To view our collection click here .



You can find step by step instructions on how to use the customizer on the How It works page. For ease of navigation, a step-by-step walkthrough is also available when you land on the customizer page.



The platform works on real-time pricing depending on the products and designs selected. We have a base price for each product. This price can increase depending on the designs chosen. As expected, textures which are intricate or colorful, and therefore require more time and effort from the artisan, are priced higher compared to simpler, mono-tone designs - we are all about rewarding artisans for their skills and efforts.

As you customize a product on the Zwende designer tool, you can view the real-time price on the top right part of the customizer page.

Shipping & Logistics:


We ship all over India. Global shipping will be launched soon... Keep an eye out...

It will take a maximum of 15 days from design to delivery... In the unlikely event of any delay, you will be informed well in advance.

You can check your order status via the Track Order link within your account. You will also receive periodic messages and emails, as and when your order progresses from one stage to another.

You can edit your existing shipping address through the 'My Account' section once you login. Please note that each order can be shipped only to one shipping address even if it contains multiple products. If you wish to purchase multiple products and ship them to different addresses, please create unique orders for each.

Guided Customization


Our platform is intelligent where we only show aesthetically compatible designs for various parts of a product. Once you have selected a design for the first part, only relevant or compatible designs are made available for the second part. This ensures that whatever you design always looks good!

That being said, we would be very excited to guide you through the design process and discuss what would look good. Pick up the phone and call us. Alternately, you can reach out to us via other means mentioned in the Contact Us page - https://www.zwende.com/contact.

Contact Information


We’d love to connect with you too. You can get in touch with us via phone or email. For details, check our page.

Great. Thanks for showing keen interest in our platform and for taking the time out to help us improve. You can provide us your feedback here.

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