Bloom Everyday Sling Clutch in Vintage Blue

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Bloom Everyday Sling Clutch in Vintage Blue


Studio Moya



Vivacious, fun, classy, stylish and handcrafted! This adorable vintage blue handmade sling bag is embellished with a pattern inspired from a traditional Indian art form called Tholu Bommalata. It is the pièce de résistance of your “carefully casual” date outfit.

Old traditions and new styles come together in this modern representation of Tholu Bommalata, an art form rich in technique and narrative. Earlier used for creating leather puppets for puppet shows, this art form, with its intricate details and vibrant colors, is now uniquely being adapted to handmade bags - a portfolio rare to be found elsewhere.

tags: handcrafted, natural leather, genuine leather, tholu bommalata, hand-painted

  • Use this handmade bag as a sling with the strap on, or a clutch with the strap off!
  • Pair it with a light kurti and some form fitting jeans to make your S.O’s eyes pop.
  • All designs on the handmade bags are carefully handcrafted by Tholu Bommalata artisans, with natural leather. The beauty of a handcrafted product lies in its imperfections. Please treat minor imperfections as part of the art form.
  • All bags are handmade by skilled bag makers, using genuine leather
  • Each handmade bag comes with a fabric lining. Color and pattern of the fabric may vary to match the design / leather applied and could differ from the image shown
  • When not in use, keep these handmade bags in breathable pouches.
  • These handmade bags are not washable – to clean, wipe with dry cloth. Avoid direct contact with water.

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