20 Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy Crafting During Vacations

Kids are totally energized during their summer vacations, ready to explore anything and inquisitive about everything. But this all makes your head spin as your run out of activities to do with your kids. So, we have curated the perfect list for you to enjoy with your little ones.

1) Notebook Covers by Zwende:

Kids surely love some colorful mess, and marbling makes them explore their creativity along with having some fun! Follow this step by step guide by "Zwende" on how to do marbling and create some notebook covers!

Learn how to make marbled paper here.

Image Credits: Zwende

2) T-Shirt dyeing by Zwende:

Another messy but a totally fun DIY! Learn the shibori tye dye technique by "Zwende" and make kids dye their own t-shirts! They would refuse to take those colorful t-shirts off once they wear them!

Learn the fun technique here.

Image Credits: Zwende

3) Cardboard Crafts by The Merry Thought:

How about some props for their make do games? "The Merry Thought" has made some amazing miniature models of some stuff using cardboard which look absolutely stunning!

Read how to make them here.

Image Credits: The Merry Thought

4) Figurines using Toilet Paper Roll by Heart Handmade:

Kids love their toys, no one can even touch their toys without their permission. Just imagine, if they make their own toys? How proudly will they show it off to everyone! "Heart Handmade" has given some amazing ideas on how to convert toilet paper rolls into figurines.

Read the amazing ideas here.

Image Credits: Heart Handmade

5) Gardening with Crafts on Sea:

Kids love it when they make something by themselves, and having their own plant is something that they will fully enjoy. "Crafts on Sea" has listed down some plants that kids are capable of taking care and make them grow fully on their own.

Read about these plants here.

Image Credits: Crafts on Sea

6) Paper Stars by Fall for DIY:

What about some paper cutting? Kids surely love this one. Help them make their own paper stars using these simple techniques by "Fall for DIY".

View the craft here.

Image Credits: Fall For DIY

7) Bookmarks by Lovely Indeed:

Teach your kids how to make their own bookmarks using pressed flowers. They would surely love to show them off in schools. Read and learn from the fun DIY by "Lovely Indeed".

Learn this simple DIY here.

Image Credits: Lovely Indeed

8) Party Hats by CRAFT:

Kids are all about birthday parties. And they will surely enjoy making some party hats at home. "CRAFT" has made these fun hats using all the things lying at home.

Read how to do it here.

Image Credits: CRAFT

9) Friendship Bracelets by Crafts by Amanda:

Kids love special days like friendship day where they get to give the bracelets to their friends and later count how many they got! Teach your kids how to make these friendship bands at home with this blog of "Crafts by Amanda". You just need a thread and her technique to ace this.

Learn the craft technique here.

Image Credits: Crafts By Amanda

10) Fun Fruit Bowl by Almost Makes Perfect:

Best way to make your kids eat healthy? Make them play with it! "Almost Makes Perfect" is here with this good looking fruit party bowl that your kids will enjoy making.

Get to know the technique here.

Image Credits: Almost Makes Perfect

11) Nameplate using Clay by Artsy Craftsy Mom:

Kids love their play dough sets. And why not? It makes them explore their creativity and make anything out of it. "Artsy Craftsy Mom" has actually made good use of the dough and made a nameplate for kids room using it. Doesn't it look wonderful?

Get to make your own nameplate by learning it here.

Image Credits: Artsy Craftsy Mom

12) Bird Nest by Ranjana:

Kids will surely love a small nest with birdies in it. They can use it as a pin holder too. "Ranjana's Craft Blog" has made this fun creative summer vacation activity for kids.

Learn how to make the bird nest pin holder here.

Image Credits: Ranjana's Craft Blog

13) Paper Snowflakes by Crafty Angels:

What about some beautiful decoration for their own room? They would surely love some paper cut decorated snow flakes in their room. "Crafty Angels" made these little snowflakes for the christmas cheer to be in during the winters.

Learn to make the snowflakes here.

Image Credits: Crafty Angels

14) Bead Necklace by Craft Ideas for All:

Kids are fascinated by their mother's dangling jewelry. So why not give them a chance to make their own? "Craft Ideas For All" has come up with a fun jewelry DIY for kids to make them look more fashionable. Make this colorful beaded necklace and let your kids carry it all day.

Learn to make this beautiful jewelry piece here.

Image Credits: Craft Ideas For All

15) Canvas Letter Art by Homemade Ginger:

Kids would definitely like to get their hands dirty with some paint. So, why not make something good out of it? "Homemade Ginger" has given an amazing idea of making canvas letter wall hanging for kids room.

Learn to how to paint the canvas her.

Image Credits: Homemade Ginger

16) Floral Head Band by How to Mom:

How about making a pretty hair band of some artificial flowers of a bouquet? "How To Mom" has made a similar head band for her kids by using just 2-3 decorative items.

Look how to make the headband here.

Image Credits: How To Mom

17) Slime by Skip To My Lou:

As much as kids love to play with clay, their second favorite is the mushy slime. So "Skip To My lou" has listed down 16 different recipes to make different colorful slimes. The range includes galaxy, unicorn and rainbow slime. All are colorful, and fun to play with.

Read all the slime recipes here.

Image Credits: Skip To My Lou

18) Toy Cars by DIY & Crafts:

Kids adore their toys, just imagine how happy will they be if they make their own? Those egg cartons, instead of going to the dustbin can be transformed into tiny little cars using some paint and creativity. "DIY & Crafts" has given the perfect to-do for kids.

Read how to do it here.

Image Credits: DIY & Crafts

19) Birthday Present Cards by White House Crafts

Small kids always like handing out cards on birthdays and festivals. It is their favorite thing to do. So "White House Crafts has come up with this amazing idea of a stacked birthday cake greeting card which kids will totally enjoy making.

Read how to do it here.

Image Credits: White House Crafts

20) Bookmarks by Cutesy Crafts

These very innovative but cute bookmarks are perfect for your kids story books and coloring books. "Cutesy Crafts" has made it more adorable by adding small bug cut outs on them.

Read how to make them here.

Image Credits: Cutesy Crafts