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Unique bags customized in a few clicks

You'll agree with me when I say:

“It’s really hard to get a unique bag that suits your style, your needs and your design aesthetic”

You often find something that meets your need but you want it in a different color or shape. Or you find the perfect shape and color but you want changes in the artwork or design. Or you like everything aesthetically but it doesn’t fit your need. It’s quite complicated!

Or is it?


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10 candid sibling testimonials that made us nostalgic. What’s yours?

I was in this well lit dedicated room, books all around, with my head down into a textbook trying to solve a complex physics problem. Suddenly she came inside the room unannounced and put a big bowl on the table. The thud of the bowl on the table completely distracted me from the complex physics problem (I guess to be honest now, I was waiting for some distraction. I was getting nowhere with the problem). Anyways, I looked into the bowl and saw some dark brown stuff. Before I could enquire what that was, she excitedly rambled about the new brownie recipe she tried and that she thought the baking attempt number 6 is sure to be top notch. Having tried the previous 5 outputs and also upsetting my stomach in the process, I was terrified within but smiling outside. The brave foodie that I was, I courageously picked up the spoon and dug it into the brownie and surprisingly with minimal effort I could cut up a small piece (phew! step 1 seemed promising). It was actually very good and I ended up eating the whole bowl. At the corner of my eye I could see the proud smirk on my sister’s face that she finally cracked it. She was elated. I was happy.


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Custom Corporate Gifts - 7 gift ideas for those 7 different personalities in your office

Key projects coming to an end or the next appraisal cycle or festival season upon you and you are suddenly scouting for those usual, common custom corporate gifts out there – printed mugs, branded pens, decorative unusable items or the dreaded vouchers which get the employees nothing they like. You would have gone through Pinterest, Facebook, Amazon or some gifting websites for scores of options. You must now be tired of this process, of getting a lot of ‘feedback’ and frankly bored too. It’s the same year after year, so it’s time to try something new this time around.

Give your people the choice to create custom corporate gifts that suit them and their lifestyle. Your office is not made of all the same kind of people. Why then, should they all get the same gift? Try the Zwende way. 


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Do you have Travel OCD? Lose the clutter. Carry right.

Look above. It bothers me so much. I wish I could go and set it properly. Is it only me? Doesn’t this upset you? It does right?! It is so unorganized and there is so much clutter. Why! Why! Why! How can this clutter be of any use to anybody in the right time of need? Sorting through this clutter will create more clutter. And those tangled earphones and USB cables - don’t even get me started on that. And please do not dump all of it in that backpack. Please!


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Heritage you can take home

Long before TVs or films were invented, Tholu Bommalata used to be one of the major forms of storytelling for the people of Andhra Pradesh. The leather puppets would be designed to look like Rama or Ravana, the mythical figures of Indian folklore. Late into the night, the puppets would dance, accompanied with the beat of traditional drums and a melodious narrative.


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6 Reasons why you should customize your lifestyle products with Zwende

Have you dreamt of your perfect home? Or looked at a handbag and thought of all the ways in which you could make it infinitely better? Everybody has their own style and in this age that requires us to subscribe to mass production it can leave us deeply unsatisfied. With the same designs and trends, it is not uncommon to walk down the street and see someone holding say, an iPad sleeve that is exactly like yours.


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Lighting up your space the Zwende way

Why you just can’t do without the latest lamp shades from Zwende 

In today’s day and age we often forget that interior design is supposed to be a fun activity. There are many choices out there, but nothing really seems to match you or your dream home. Every modern Indian can find what they are looking for at Zwende, because here we wed tradition to contemporary fashion.

Explore our latest collection of lampshades to light up your lifestyle.


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Customized Handmade gifts | Thoughtful gifts for those who matter

How often have we found ourselves in a panic over finding the perfect gift for a parent, a friend, a mentor or that special someone? With a birthday, an anniversary or a special occasion around the corner, how many times have we hastily picked up that generic scarf, a scented candle, the latest best-selling novel or a clutch purse from a shelf carrying 50 more identical pieces? Change the way you shop for gifts and go for custom handmade gifts.


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Don't you love your Customized Lifestyle?

Gone are the days when only the rich and famous could get things just right. Today, getting the perfect mix of things has made its way into our everyday lives to such an extent, that we don’t even realise how much of it is customised. 

Our days begin with the perfect cup of coffee – a medium, caramel flavoured macchiato with whipped cream, and skimmed milk.


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Desk Decor - Dress your desk with the handcrafted

Why not add some zing to your drab office and home work desks with some extra special handcrafted desk decor and accesories?

We power dress ourselves for career success, whether it’s the perfect slouched startup-ready jeans, or the razor-sharp boardroom-ready suit. We spritz on that lucky-day perfume or that coveted watch, the one that gives us that extra burst of confidence. We fill our homes with delightful decor to come back to; extra-cute coasters, those quirky cushion covers with the tribal artwork on them, scented candles for extra-zen, gorgeous rugs with kalamkari designs that tell a story. We polish up our look with the perfect arm candy and bags with personality. We even focus so much on the ideal workspace and there are several ideas to create the perfect workspace but ignore the very core of a workspace - our desks and cubicles.


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