Bli & Chi

Bubli & Chitra
Bangalore, India

Designer Partner : Bli & Chi

Zwende is an excellent concept! Heartiest congratulations to Team Zwende for implementing this wonderful idea in such a grand style! It's an ideal platform to explore one's creativity. Glad to be a part of such dedicated and innovative team.

Add some countryside charm into your decor with Bli & Chi’s beautifully hand-painted, artistic decoupage furniture. A refreshing change from the walnut and chocolate browns, their whimsical creations inspired by Victorian English and French styles are a tasteful way to add some color into your home.

The brand Bli & Chi comes from the names of creators Bubli Srikanth and Chitra Viswanathan, who’ve been friends for 22 years and go on two holidays every year together. On their travels to Europe, they were particularly inspired by the furniture they saw, which we otherwise only get to see perhaps on Pinterest. Having also worked together in ad agency and then again on a children’s furniture line, putting their aesthetic sensibilities together wasn’t such a big deal. “Our tastes are so similar…but we do fight a lot,” laughs Bubli.

Decoupage is a French form of art where paper cut outs are used to decorate surfaces and later layered with decoupage glue though a rather elaborate process to produce a kind of emblazoned effect, along with paint.

Every piece created at Bli&Chi is a labor of love. You set eyes on it only after many pairs of eyes have scrutinized and certified it as a work of art. Buying a Bli&Chi piece is like buying art, it’s personal, the piece needs to call out to you, it needs to sit in your home as if it was meant to be nowhere else but there. Meticulous handwork and a zeal for perfection ensures that the decoupaged designs are skillfully rendered as a painting.

The use of color is also quite restrained and pleasing to the eye, so while the furniture is colorful it’s not garish. “We’ve stuck to English and French aesthetics, so the pieces are right out of Downton Abbey,” say Bli&Chi, “You’ll see that the color palette sticks to fun and happy shades such as dull teal, brick red and pale blue”

It’s not just the furniture that’s happy – Bli & Chi are absolute fun to hang out with. Bli’s warmth and Chi’s sense of humor will have you spending far more time with them than what you planned for, on every visit.